Account Based Marketing - application guide
by Dan Gridin
What are we talking about? Who is he?

For more than a year, I have been interviewing / conducting workshops with IT experts in order to gain more knowledge and share it with the same guys like me.

I am Sergey Snezar

My guest today is Dan Gridin. He is a b2b marketing top-gun who helps companies with complex products and long sales cycles to penetrate and expand into big target accounts in CIS, Europe and USA .

Dan consulted a number of clients in the IT field that range from big names such as Kaspersky Lab and Dassault Systemes to boutique "under the radar" companies that successfully work in very narrow niches (i.e. voice security).

In our interview with Dan we have covered a wide range of topics including:

- the dramatic difference between b2b lead generation for "broad" and "narrow" markets

- "Bespoke", "made-to-measure" and "off the rack" b2b marketing campaigns

- what lead generation techniques work best if your TAM (total addressable market) is no more than couple hundreds (or even dozens) of accounts

- a dramatic difference between traditional and account-based content marketing

- how to get quickly the meeting with (almost) any decision maker in the target account?

- how to tackle big decision making units that consist of 5+ decision makers

- unconventional tips for accelerating the sales cycle for the big deal

- a step-by-step framework for expanding in a large target account

It will be useful for:

owners and CEOs of IT companies, managers and sales managers of IT companies, marketers.
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